Art In The Mountains

Expanding in thematic and geographic scope,
The Littleton’s 47th Art Festival promises a destination for
Art In The Mountains.

September 23 – 25, 2016

 Schedule of Events


Watch as Main Street transforms into an art gallery showcasing works of art in our downtown windows.


7pm – Kickoff Art Festival Weekend with a live musical performance by Ana D’leon and a kickoff party at 42 Maple Arts Center in Bethlehem, NH.


9am–4pm – 47th Annual Littleton Area Art Festival
Annual Art Festival on the sidewalks of Main Street featuring some of New England’s finest artists.

10am – 4pm (SAT & SUN) – Quilt Show
Littleton Quilt Guild Bi-annual Quilt Show at the Opera House.

9am – 1pm (SAT & SUN) – Penny Sale at The Littleton Senior Center

Noon–11pm – Schilling Oktoberfest
Outside on Schilling plaza in Littleton’s River District experience specialty beers, outdoor dining and live music.

1:30pm – Littleton Lions Club Antique Car Parade

6pm – Sock Hop
Swing by the Littleton Community House for a dance party with all proceeds benefiting the Mt. Eustis Ski Hill.


8–10am – Littleton Lions Club Pancake Breakfast
By donation Sunday brunch at Sears Field, Meadow Street.

9am – 1pm (SAT & SUN) – Penny Sale at The Littleton Senior Center

10am–3pm – Main Street Market
Showcasing local produce, cuisine & crafts with music brought to you by North Country Community Radio.

North Country Community Radio has been serving Littleton and surrounding area since 2012 With live streaming and locally produced programming found online at Also found on 99.9 FM WZNC.  Live bands, community events, interviews, great music and always commercial  free!

9am–2:30pm – Littleton Lions Club Car Showquilts_show
Held at Sears Field, featuring over 100 antique cars!

10am–4pm (SAT & SUN) – Quilt Show
Littleton Quilt Guild Bi-annual Quilt Show at the Opera House.



Featured Artists

Debbie Aldrichdebbie_a

I have been working in Watercolor for over 40 years and it is my life’s passion. The medium allows me to be spontaneous & immediate with emotion. Expression is more important to me than realism.




Robert BarkerCouch (Hook mt)

Basic shapes and colors, applied layer after layer slowly reveal a scene, growing into a highly detailed, nearly photo realistic work. Exaggerated brushstrokes inspired by fundamental laws of nature allow a surreal and dreamy sense to take over, letting me have a detailed, highly realistic scene that is still objective, and open to the limitless interpretation of the viewer.



Larrie Bratko

larrie_bI was able to construct a small building to raise bonsai trees and to carve wood. In 2010 I carved a bowl out of a Red Mallee burl. It was a wonder to me to have the wood keep changing as I carved. I next started taking interesting looking hardwood logs and burls from the woodshed and began to carve. The uniqueness of each piece of burl or wood continues to provide me with a connection to the world of nature & express my understanding interruption of Wabi-Sabi.


Roger BrissonP5262004

Roger is an accomplished leather worker and in demand leather carver. He describes them as functional pieces of artwork. If you appreciate the smell and feel of real leather, hand carved and hand stitched made locally, with one-of-a kind designs you will want to own one of his unique works of art. Recently ranked 12th out of 34 top leather artist in the world at the 2016 World Leather Debut held in Sheridan, Wyoming. People enjoy watching him demonstrate his craft at shows.



Sara CahnCicada

Sara’s work reflects the wilderness she has encountered in her daily life as a naturalist in Jackson Hole, the Pacific northwest, New England, and New Mexico. She currently owns Mountain High Fly, a fly fishing shop in Lincoln, NH, and is focusing on freshwater fish and birds. She uses acrylic, watercolor, and whatever else is accessible to convey the beauty she sees in the natural world. She lives with her dog, Buddy, a connoisseur of back woods wildlife.


Med Chandler

mel_chandlerMed has been blacksmithing since 2003, starting in the most traditional of settings at a 1740’s living history museum in New Hampshire, where he learned about the craft from other smiths while supplying the museum with tools and hardware. In 2006 Med started working at a traditional wooden shipyard in Maine.  There, his blacksmithing focused on tools for boat builders and hardware for wooden boats while also learning about the shipwright craft. Later he moved to Pennsylvania, where he spent three years honing his skills while making historic reproduction hardware for museums and private homes.  Finally, in 2010 Med and his wife, Mo, moved back home to NH and started Ship’s Coy. Forge.  The focus of Ship’s Coy. Forge is to use traditional blacksmithing techniques to forge tools, hardware, and historical reproductions to very high standards.  Using the hammer and anvil as his main tools, Med believes you should have one foot planted firmly in the traditions of past in order to create a meaningful future.


Christina Clarkchristina_clark

I make fabric appliqué. I have been a quilter for many years and started doing tiling appliqué work about six years ago. I combine this traditional art form with machine stitching to create colorful mats and wall hangings. I have gravitated toward this work because I love fabric and color that produces vibrant energy. I also love the meditative sense of peace I get from doing small hand stitching. All my work is original. I have taught this appliqué technique through One Stitch, Two Stitch.



Jessica FliggLingering Snow c

I paint primarily en plein air oils and watercolors. While I work out of my studio creating mixed media pieces I consider the outdoors my true studio. This is where I draw my inspiration through plein air painting studying and capturing the world around me. Not just visually but emotionally, capturing the light, mood, and atmosphere, to create intimate paintings. Each piece has a story of adventure painted in every stroke!




Jeanette FournierFournier-PrinceofLeaves

Jeanette’s detailed watercolors of animals and birds in their natural surroundings speak eloquently of her love of the natural world. She is a self-taught artist and specializes in illustrative watercolor paintings of animals, birds, and nature. Living and working in this beautiful world provides daily inspiration. She wants her artwork to remind people of the importance of having the natural world around us, being a part of it and the importance of saving our wild places.



Tina S Gagnon

I am a color pencil artist whose work captures both the very vivid and sometimes subtle colors found in nature. Living and working in southern New Hampshire, I am a largely self-taught artist who enhanced my skills by studying at the NH Art Institute. My subjects are chosen from memories of my walking trips through the gardens, woods, and mountains of New England. By allowing fine detail, colored pencils helps me express a high degree realism, to recreate my subjects just as they are in nature.

Irene Godduirene_g

Irene Goddu, an accomplished watercolor artist for over 20 years, chooses to paint peaceful settings and places in and around New Hampshire. She creates landscapes and floral watercolors specializing with miniatures and working in larger formats as well. A self-taught artist, her style is a natural balance between realism and impressionism. Irene has won numerous awards in local, regional and international exhibits and her works are part of many corporate and private collections.

Lynda Hadlock

hadlock_lLynda Hadlock is a NH native that started her rug hooking journey after taking a community class at Concord High School. Always crafty, rug hooking satisfies her love of fiber arts, design, recycling(thrifting for wool garments) and creating functional pieces for her home. Her work has progressed from simple chair pads to Heritage story rugs for her family. Lynda is Vice President of White Mountain Woolen Magic, the NH Chapter of American Traditional Hooking Artists.

Cheryl Hursthurst_ss

I rescue fabric from furniture stores that are discontinued and make one of a kind designer bags of all shapes and sizes.Fabric that would end up in landfills are utilized to make mailbags totes ,shoulder bags and pocketbooks .Something for every one .Priced to sell.Sewn to perfection with the customer in mind who wants a great bag at a affordable price

Roger Irwinimage001

Roger Irwin, is the person behind the camera that captures spectacular portraits of moose, bear, deer, bobcats, loons and a host of other north-woods residents.  Since he sold his cows a dozen years ago, the former dairy farmer has emerged as one of the premier wildlife photographers in New England. His work is regularly featured in and on the cover of magazines ranging from Northern Woodlands to Vermont Life, as well as calendars, websites and pamphlets produced by Vermont and New Hampshire Fish and Wildlife, and the National Moose Foundation. Federal wildlife agencies, such as the Silvio O Conte Nulhegan Basin refuge center displays. Plus National Geographic web sites and maps.



Mary Iselinmary_iselin

I am a full time oil painter. I paint in a relatively realistic/impressionistic style. My motifs are generally drawn from the rural landscape around me, and from the animals (especially sheep, lambs, and draft horses) which live on our farm. I feel that, basically, we are all made of vibrating energy and light; I try, in my work, to make others aware of this energy and light.




Bradley JacksonApple Orchard 2.5 x3

Acrylic Paintings & Prints – Unique application of acrylic paint using an airbrush to create a soft focus background. Full strength acrylic, lots of detail creates the subject. Songbirds and nature scenes painted on canvas, masonite or illustration board. I grew up in the woods of Northern Maine where I developed a deep affection and love of nature and wildlife. The qualities of ever-changing seasons create an unending source of inspiration that is reflected in my paintings.



Holly JohnsonWhite bowl

I make high fire stoneware pottery. I use a wheel and also hand build functional pottery pieces. I so enjoy the “full circle” of making pottery, from starting with raw clay to the finished product, having someone enjoy my work enough to bring into their own home, or to give as a gift from the heart.




Sarah Landström FullSizeRender-7

Sarah Landström is a painter who studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Looking for organically occurring abstraction in Nature, her practice primarily focuses on trout and similar species, looking at color and pattern variation. In her fly fishing practice, she is able to observe and absorb the gestures of the fish, to then translate into painting. Working in Acrylic paint, she is able to develop subtle color layering to mirror the reflective bodies and movements of the fish. http://sarahlandströ



Aline LotterAline_Lotter

I paint in oils. At least twice a year, I spend time in the White Mountains, painting en plein air. Mountains have always been special to me. I was born in the mountainous state of West Virginia, and I only feel safe in a hilly landscape. When I moved to New Hampshire thirty-some years ago, I took up hiking and backpacking in the mountains as my primary leisure activity. Today, at age 76, arthritis prevents me from doing the hiking anymore, but I can paint, and paint I do.



Valery MahuchyValery

I have been sculpting since childhood. My professional training was at The Academy of the Arts in Minsk, Belarus. I work in bronze, resin, wood, cement and marble. I sculpted outdoor monumental pieces and inside sculpter, portrairts, the figure , & abstrats. When I sculpt people I want to show their emotions. In my abstracts I want to convey the philosophy of life. A year ago in August I immigrated to America, for artistc freedom and to establish a career. My studio is in Bethlehem, NH.



Fletcher ManleyTuckerman Trail

Growing up amongst the hills and mountains of northern New England I developed an appreciation for the vertical landscape, particularly early and late season light when lengthening shadows add shape and definition. A large portion of my photography work over 45 or 50 years has been in, on, and about the geography and culture of this vertical world. I propose to submit photographic images illustrating this subject matter.




Stephanie MarstonIMG_20160703_100807

My husband and I are teachers and potters. We both fell in love with clay at different times in our lives but ultimately it’s what brought us together. Currently, we are working with a mid-ranged white stoneware, using glazes in a jewel tone pallet that are then melted together to give the impression of a water colors melting down a page.




Robert Moore gamecock

Robert Moore is a creative, pop-art, impressionist painter whose work focuses on a unique and colorful view of the familiar. Utilizing his 30-year experience in computer image processing for the Geographic Information Systems industry, he reaches deep into his knowledge of computer graphics to help him visualize the subjects he paints. Robert works daily at his Lisbon, NH farm and enjoys painting “Baby-Boomer” era subjects and the natural environment as pop-art-portraits.


James O’Donnell

I have a passion for painting the New England landscape from Cape Cod to the White Mountains. With my oil paintings I strive to capture that elusive light that makes the land come alive.


Susan Peterson0505161145

I make gold and silver handcrafted jewelry accented with precious and semi-precious stones, I have been making jewelry for 40 years out of true love of the art.




Gerald Robillardgeraldrobillard

Gerald Robillard has been doing art shows professionally for 50 years, specializing in nautical, landscapes & seascapes.  He has been exhibiting in Littleton for 20 years & enjoys returning to Littleton each year to see old friends & customer.



Marc SalminA Quiet Moment in Amsterdam

I love the creative process regardless of the medium. I draw, paint, sculpt, create digital art, 3D animations and at one point, I was a professional airbrush artist. As to why I make art and its meaning ranges quite a bit. Sometimes I create to express an emotion or feeling. Sometimes I paint en plein air because I want to capture the beauty of nature at other times I let my mind dictate the process using creative stream of consciousness. I create art because I need to, it nourishes my soul.



Jacqueline Scott0818160948b

I have been working in stained glass for over 15 years, using found materials such as shells, geodes, nuggets and rocks…anything I can put copper foil around.  The tranquillity of the sea is often the impetus for much of my work. Because I love teaching, I often give workshop in stained glass at the Littleton Art Studio.



Cam Sinclair

I am an oil painter. Mountains, valley’s, lakes and ponds, stone walls and pastures are my passion. I love to capture these subjects in the early morning or evening when the light is soft and shadows are long. I paint almost exclusively with a palette knife which always me more freedom of expression and presents a more impressionistic painting.


Gisele D. Thompsongd_thompson_mts

Having relocated to her home state of New Hampshire after 28 years in Long Beach, CA, Gisele created a series of paintings celebrating the beauty and iconic scenes of the Granite State.   Working from photos, the paintings are done in her studio with acrylic paints on canvas or wood panels.   She has a Masters Degree in Fine Art and has been painting professionally for over 15 years. Member of NHAA, WREN and NH Made.    Follow me on FaceBook: Paintings by G. D.Thompson




Shaun TerhuneShadows in Kananaskis

The art and science of photography, to me, combine for a magnificent hunt. The art of seeing, feeling. The science of the capture – technical and practiced. The physical prowess to chase and intimately understand that epic light which creates the photograph. I love that the pursuit of photography demands devotion to all these things. The hunt draws me out into wild places that remake my heart, and the photos I bring home are echoes of those experiences that call me, and perhaps others, back.



Erica Walker500px (224.9kb)

I grew up in a home where my love and appreciation for handcrafted art were fostered at an early age. My father was a talented silver/gold smith by hobby. Carrying on the family tradition, I am mostly self taught and work from my home in rural New Hampshire. My work is sterling silver jewelry with a simple, organic, contemporary feel and I am partial to silver that has the feel of the artist’s hand. Much of my free time is spent outdoors where I draw most of my inspiration.



Mimi WigginMimi Wiggin- Snow Cat

Oil paintings of birds & wildlife exemplifying our beautiful natural word. Through my paintings, I want to bring attention to what is in our “backyards” and encourage all to live in harmony with our surroundings.





 Featured Artists at Littleton Art Galleries:

Sign of the Times Creation Gallery
Main Street, Littleton, NH
Featured Artists: 
Mike Bouton
boutinMr. Bouton specializes in creating daring and robust depictions of inner city life in Washington DC. These highly interpretive works ooze colorful, raw emotions from each pore of his canvasses. While most of his works characterize “life on the street,” They are not “copies” of the action. Every Michael J. Bouton creation is an original formed in the mind and heart of its author. Bouton is a professional whose interests is in making the public aware of the societal conditions. Through his art he attacks the problems of inner city life: Alcohol and drug abuse, poverty and the everyday hardships that are faced by people “living on the streets.”




Sue Winn
sue_winnIn my early teens I tutored with a world re-known New Hampshire silversmith whose work has been exhibited in the Smithsonian Institute. More than 40 years later I am still fascinated by the fluidity, malleability, strength, and light reflection of silver and offer that work as water-cast silver jewelry.

Borosilicate glass allows increased possiblities to play with light in a more affordable and fluid format. The range of glass color provides a pallate that emulates nature’s colors seen in light refraction on fresh fallen snow, morning dew and rainbows.





For more info, contact:
Jessica Bunker
Littleton Area Chamber of Commerce